Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the GlowWebs glow?
A: The GlowWebs only glow with a black light. The cotton rope has been treated so that it glows under an ultra violet light, often called a black light. Note that ultra violet incandescent bulb type lights just don't work. I recommend ultra violet fluorescent tubes. Click here to see pictures of a 33 ft GlowWeb with a light fixture in front of it. The black light in front of the web is what is illuminating the web. The fixture holds two 48 inch tubes and is the kind that is designed to be hung from a garage ceiling. I bought the fixture and fluorescent tubes at Home Depot. Here is a good website that describes the basics of black lights:

Q: Do you sell webs that glow under a black light?
A: Yes! All of the GlowWebs glow under a black light. Be sure you use a fluorescent tube black light. I recommend two 48" tubes in a standard 48" fluorescent light fixture designed to be hung from a shop ceiling. Do not use the light bulb shaped incandescent black lights, they are cheap but they just don't work.

Q: Are the fluorescent light fixtures weatherproof?
A: At Home Depot or Lowe's they do not sell weatherproof fluorescent light fixtures. They must be taken in if rain is predicted. The only exterior light fixtures I have found are for incandescent bulbs. The following is a good link about the different kinds of black lights you can buy:
As this link shows, they now sell the smaller fluorescent bulb type black lights that screw into regular light bulb sockets. But they are typically only 13 watts so it would take 6 or 7 of them to equal the output of two 40 watt tubes.

Q: What are the webs made of?
A: The webs are made from 3/16 inch cotton rope. I use cotton rope because it is durable, the glue sticks well to cotton rope and cotton rope can be treated to glow.

Q: Can I make my Standard web into a GlowWeb?
A: Yes, the standard webs are made from 3/16 inch cotton rope just like the GlowWebs. To make a standard web glow, buy Rit Whitener and Brightener and dye it per the instructions on the package. The web becomes a little bit whiter, but more importantly it will glow under a black light.

Q: Do you also sell giant spiders with your webs?
A: No. The best deal I have found is at Walmart. Every year they seem to have a spider with a 12 inch body and 48 inch leg span for about $8.00. There are also cool spiders on eBay.

Q: Will your webs support the weight of the large air blown spiders?
A: Yes. In the 25 ft web pictures there is a customer that mounted his web above his driveway and you can see a large air blown spider on it. The web will of course droop from the weight and the web must be anchored well but the rope will not break.

Q: Can you dye the Genuine SpiderWebs different colors?
A: Yes, if you choose to get your web made out of cotton rope, it can be dyed a variety of colors with dyes such as Rit Whitener and Brightener. Please note that the colors will fade in the sun and weather.

Q: Do the webs fit every house shape?
A: The original shapes of the Almost GIANT, GIANT, and BERMUDA webs require 3 anchor points, while the ULTRA and MEGA webs have 4 anchor points. Although we cannot guarantee the web to fit EVERY house, we will take special requests for various web shapes and lengths. E-mail with any special requests.

Q: Who is SpiderWebMan?
A: He started as a computer programmer during the day until one day when he was bit by a brown recluse spider. He began to be strangely awakened at night wrapped in lengths of rope. He discovered he could create HUGE spider webs if he properly applied his powers in the backyard. Then he put the webs on the front of his house at Halloween and he created five sizes of spider webs made of rope: the Almost GIANT 20-ft web, the GIANT 25-ft web, the 30-ft BERMUDA web, the ULTRA 33-ft web, and the MEGA 50-ft web.

If you have any other questions not listed, please e-mail

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